6204 Bearing
The Ultimate Guide to 6204 Bearing

In this article, Aubearing will help you understand the definition and function of 6204 bearing, structure and characteristics analysis, usage precautions, and its application cases in the steel industry. At the same time, Aubearing will also share how to choose suitable 6204 bearings to improve steel production efficiency. Let us uncover this mysterious bearing together. […]

Miniature Ball Bearings
The Ultimate Guide to Miniature Ball Bearings

At Aubearing, we stock a wide range of miniature ball bearings, which are smaller bearings also known as instrument bearings or miniature bearings. These miniature ball bearings are commonly used in power tools and children’s toys, robots, semiconductors, skateboards and skates, etc. Aubearing offers open miniature ball bearings, which allow oil or grease to flow […]

Guide to Ball Bearing Size Charts

Bearings are one of the most indispensable components in any industrial machinery. There is a legend that “bearings are the food of industry”. These high-precision ball bearings are essential for reducing friction and carrying loads during rotational motion. You should have at least one bearing in many industrial applications. There are many bearing manufacturers in […]

6203 bearings
The Ultimate Guide to 6203 Bearings

6203 bearings are typical deep groove ball bearing. It has the advantages of easy disassembly, low friction and versatility, and has become one of the most commonly used bearing types. The 6203 bearing type is used in different industries, from high-precision robotic equipment to the automotive sector. The 6203 bearing looks like a traditional bearing. […]

thin section bearings
The Ultimate Guide to Thin Section Bearings

Thin section bearings were developed when standard deep groove ball bearings were insufficient for certain applications. Thin-section bearings have a very small cross-section relative to their diameter. This design determines that the thin-section bearing has a smaller design volume and lower mass, while achieving high rigidity and operating accuracy.  Kaydon Thin Section Bearings Equivalent Thin […]

Sleeve Bearings and Bushings
The Ultimate Guide to Sleeve Bearings and Bushings

In today’s industrial system, sleeve bearings, bushings and bearings have become indispensable components. There is an appropriate metaphor that “bearings have become the food of industry”. The main function of sleeve bearings, bushings and bearings is to support the rotating body to reduce friction as much as possible, effectively reduce noise, reduce power consumption, maximize […]

608 bearing
The Ultimate Guide to 608 Bearings

Bearings play a vital role in the rotation of all mechanical components and are devotees of the rotation of various components. Bearings can be found in almost all machines, setting the standard for precision, efficiency and versatility. Among them, micro bearings occupy an important position in various precision machines and have become the preferred bearings […]

You should know the applications of different types of bearings

As we all know, bearings are “parts that help machinery rotate.” As the name suggests, bearings are the components that support the “shaft” that rotates in a machine. Machines that use bearings include cars, airplanes, generators, etc. Bearings are also used in household appliances such as refrigerators, vacuum cleaners, air conditioners, etc. In these machines, […]

Everything You Should Know About Bearing Materials

The performance of any bearing depends on the properties of the chosen alloy and its heat treatment. Selecting a material with the correct hardness, corrosion resistance and fatigue life ensures that the bearing will perform reliably within the operating and environmental parameters of the application. AUB uses different materials to produce various bearing components. These materials are processed to obtain ideal characteristics to maximize bearing performance and service life. The materials described here are the most commonly used. The bearing material is heat treated in-house for optimum hardness and dimensional stability.

insufficient lubrication
Everything you should know about the causes of bearing cage damage

If the cage is found to be damaged when inspecting a failed bearing, it can be difficult to determine the cause in many cases. Often, other parts of the bearing are also damaged, making it more difficult to find the cause of the failure. However, based on more than 20 years of manufacturing experience, AUB concluded that there are certain main reasons for cage failure.

Bearing failure
Everything You Should Know About Bearing Failure Causes and Preventive Measures

Whether or not your equipment has had bearing failures recently, this guide contains everything you need to know about bearing failures. If you are looking for background knowledge on what bearing failure is, the different types of failure, common causes of bearing failure, and actionable tips to prevent bearing failure, then this guide is for you.

Everything You Should Know About Bearing Radial Clearance and Internal Clearance

At first glance, ball bearings are relatively simple mechanical parts. However, analysis of their internal geometry reveals that they are very complex. For example, the conformity of the balls to the raceway, the radial clearance and the number of balls all affect the ability of a ball bearing to support loads under various conditions. Typically, […]

seals-vs-shields bearings
Everything You Should Know About Sealed Bearings and Shielded Bearings

Shielded and sealed bearings can improve bearing performance and extend its service life. Bearings are used to reduce friction between the moving parts of a machine in order to achieve a desired speed – bearings reduce friction either by making no contact or simply lubricating. Also, it tends to support the support of different parts of the machine.

Angular Contact Bearings
Everything You Should Know About Angular Contact Bearings

Angular contact bearings are designed so that the bearing forms a contact angle between the races and the balls when in use, with inner and outer raceways slightly offset from each other, which causes the balls to be mounted at an angle. Due to this offset, they are suitable for carrying radial and axial loads. […]

Miniature Bearings
Everything You Should Know About Miniature Bearings

Miniature ball bearings are available in different types and in different designs to meet the requirements of almost any precision instrument application. Some bearing types include high speed radial bearings, full complement ball bearings, radial cages, angular contact bearings, thrust bearings. Subminiature and miniature bearings are usually sealed with rubber seals and boots to prevent any possible lubricant leakage or ingress of dirt.

Everything you should know about spherical roller bearings

Spherical roller bearings are very strong because the load is more evenly distributed on the rollers. Self-aligning roller bearings, often called anti-friction bearings, have a low coefficient of friction; the rollers are placed relatively loosely between the outer and inner rings, resulting in less friction and less heat; as a result, the life of the bearing The period will be extended.

Cylindrical Roller Bearing
What You Should Know About Cylindrical Roller Bearings

Cylindrical roller bearings have high radial load capacity and moderate thrust loads. They contain cylindrical rollers, but are not true cylinders. Instead, these rollers are crowned or end relieved to reduce stress concentrations. This geometry results in low friction and allows high speed applications.

Machine Tool Spindle Bearing Solutions

In addition to developing a wide range of super precision ball bearings, AUB prides itself on providing the best OEM solutions and advice on machine tool spindle bearings. In 2020, AUB was commissioned to conduct a pilot spindle upgrade project with one of the best machining center manufacturers in China. After a series of tests, research, modifications and joint efforts, we successfully launched the bearing prototype in a pilot project, which led us into the machine tool spindle bearing supplier market.

Double direction cylindrical thrust roller bearings
Everything You Should Know About Thrust Bearings

Thrust bearings bear forces in the same direction as the shaft. They can be divided into two categories: thrust ball bearings and thrust roller bearings. Thrust ball bearings are used to provide high performance, while thrust roller bearings are often used in applications requiring high load carrying capacity.

Bearing Types You Should Know

This article mainly shares the characteristics, differences and corresponding uses of 15 common bearings according to the types of ball bearings and roller bearings.

Bearing tolerances
Everything You Should Know About Bearing Tolerances

What is a standard? Standards are documents that specify product, service and/or process requirements and specify their desired characteristics. This helps ensure the free flow of goods and encourages exports. It is used to protect people and goods and to improve quality in all areas of life. How was it developed? Standards are developed by […]

Guide to Bearings
The Complete Guide to Bearings

The purpose of this guide is to familiarize you with the most common types of bearings, their design features and modes of operation, the way they handle forces, proper installation and maintenance procedures, and the most common problems that can cause bearings to fail.

How to choose the right bearing
How to Choose The Right Bearing

There are four main types of bearings: ball bearings, cylindrical roller bearings, tapered roller bearings, and needle roller bearings. While ball bearings are the most common type of bearing, each has its advantages and disadvantages. That is why we recommend that you compare each of these bearings to determine which is the ideal bearing for your requirements.

Thin Section BallBearings
Everything You Should Know About Thin Section Bearings

Designed for space-constrained applications, thin-section bearings help meet challenging specifications often found in high-tech applications, in industries such as medical equipment, robotics, construction equipment, food processing, and textile machinery.

Everything You Should Know About Ball Bearings

Bearings are one of the most critical components in any industrial machinery. These high-precision components are critical to reducing friction and carrying loads during rotational motion. There are thousands of types of bearings on the market, including ball bearings, cylindrical roller bearings, tapered roller bearings, needle roller bearings and bearing units.