Oil and Gas

Oil and Gas

It is becoming and difficult to extract oil and natural gas. To obtain resources means to drill in harsher environments and deeper layers, which requires greater power and higher loads. In fact, drilling equipment often operates at temperatures in excess of 300°F and pressures in excess of 10,000 psi. When unplanned downtime costs even up to $1 million per day, equipment reliability becomes even important, and the reliability of key bearing components directly determines the performance of drilling equipment.

In fact, AUB has been helping energy producers maximize productivity and minimize failures in harsh environments for than 20 years. AUB’s high precision bearings are built to last and are supported worldwide, including a wide range of standard and custom bearings to meet the needs of specific applications.

AUB is a leading bearing manufacturer in China. Among them, AUB bearings can accurately and reliably transmit and rotate heavy loads; simultaneously bear radial, axial and moment loads; and provide excellent stiffness and low rotational torque. Slewing ring bearings are available in diameters up to 20′ (6.1 m) in configurations to suit almost any application.

Slewing ring
cylindrical roller bearings 1
  • Developed a marine crane bearing with an outer diameter of 6100mm for Indian users, which was the slewing bearing with the largest outer diameter in China at that time.

  • It is the only supplier of slewing bearings for Kling cranes to Mitsubishi in Japan, and its product quality has been stable for many years.

  • Developed a 700T mast crane three-row roller slewing ring for a Chinese company, with an outer diameter of 6820mm and a weight of 23 tons.

  • Developed a three-row roller slewing ring for a 500t mast crane for an Argentine company, with an outer diameter of 5900mm and a weight of 11 tons.

  • A three-row roller slewing ring for an offshore platform with an outer diameter of 2900mm was custom-made for an American company.

  • The offshore platform three-row roller slewing ring developed by rabatecsdn has an outer diameter of 3550mm.

Wind turbine slewing bearing

Thin section bearing

AUB invested heavily in research and development of thin-section bearings in 2008 and continues to offer the industry’s most comprehensive range of styles and sizes, a complete alternative to world-renowned brands. The cross-section of AUB thin-section bearings remains constant as the bore diameter increases, providing greater dynamic capacity than conventional bearings. This brings significant advantages to the oil and gas business, including space and weight savings; longer life; high levels of performance; and design flexibility.

Thin Section Ball Bearings

Thin section bearings for oil and gas applications are designed to handle radial, axial and overturning moment loads simultaneously. They do this while providing excellent stiffness and low rotational torque. Special housing designs and advanced roller manufacturing techniques combine to provide oil and gas engineers with bearings they can rely on.

  • Aperture range from 1″ to 40″ (25 mm to 1 m)

  • Cross-sections from 0.187″ x 0.187″ to 1″ x 1″ (4.75 mm x 4.75 mm to 25 mm x 25 mm)

  • Wide variety of styles and materials, including stainless steel

Our talented engineering team brings 20 years of collective experience to each design challenge with a value orientation that recognizes that clients’ budgets are not unlimited. AUB’s engineering expertise and assistance go beyond bearing size and style and can recommend application-specific coatings, lubricants, internal fit-ups and .

Thin-walled Bearings

Bearing type for rotary table application:

Sheave bearings for sheaves in crown blocks, travelling blocks, drill string compensators, wireline tensioners and block hooks sheave application.

Bearing Type For Sheave Application

● Cylindrical roller bearing
● Tapered roller bearing

Bearing type for top Drives application

● Cylindrical roller bearing

● Tapered roller bearing

Technical characteristics:
  • echnical features:

  • High load

  • Long service life

  • Optimized cage

  • High precision rolling element

  • Impact-resistant

  • carburized steel material

  • The surface roughness conducive to the formation of oil film

Bearing type for rotary table 1

Bearing type for rotary table application:

● Slewing bearing

split spherical roller bearing

Bearing type for winch application:

● Cylindrical roller bearing
● Tapered roller bearing


Mud pump application:

Vacuum pump for gas removal

Bearing type:

● Cylindrical roller bearing
● Angular contact ball bearing

Technical characteristics:

The internal optimized design has improved bearing capacity and
service life.

Deep groove ball bearing

Cantilever centrifugal pumpBearing type:

● Deep groove ball bearing

Submarine screw pump Bearing type:

CARB bearing

Submersible electric pump Bearing type:

● Hydrodynamic bearing

Technical characteristics:
  • Wear-free coated stainless steel

  • Specially designed cage

  • Can withstand a variety of load speeds from low to high

  • Extremely strong corrosion resistance

Slewing ring

Technical features:

  • High performance double lip seal

  • High quality bearings and optimization

  • Internal optimization design

  • High precision

  • Low friction

  • Longer service life

Spherical roller bearing

Technical features:

  • Reliable electrical insulation

  • High performance double lip seal

  • High quality bearing material

  • Internal optimization design

  • Good design for flange installation

  • Sensor with high precision and high resolution

  • Explosion proof with ATEX certification

Multi row Cylindrical Roller Bearings 1

Technical features:

  • Special wear-resistant steel for bearing components

  • Unitized design

  • Precision installation

  • Unique bearing design for axial drilling and heavy loads

  • High wear resistance

  • High reliability

Cylindrical roller bearing

Bearing type:

● Floating end:cylindrical roller bearing
● Fixing end: angular contact ball bearing
● Cylindrical roller bearing

Blade rotation and control mechanism:

● Thrust ball bearing

Centrifugal fan:

● Deep groove ball bearing
● Cylindrical roller bearing
● Self-aligning ball bearing
● Self-aligning roller bearing