Our values

At AUB, we are committed to creating real value for all stakeholders, and we are committed to building a great company worthy of recognition from all partners to create a better future together.


«Chasing the art of excellence in the bearing industry»

At AUB, we believe worthy partner recognition can be achieved by:

  • Improve risks and make the machine run safely

  • Better design, smarter manufacturing

  • follow the science, conform to the reality

  • Expect than what the customer may ask


This is the spirit behind every choice and action of AUB, from the research and development of cutting-edge products, always keeping in line with the latest needs and challenges of the market, to after-sales service.


«To be The Alternative Power in the bearing industry»

What are the necessary conditions to accomplish this mission? In order to answer this question, it must be emphasized that the global bearing industry is characterized by, on the one hand, an oligopoly of producers, accounting for approximately 80% of the market share, and, on the other hand, a fragmented fragmentation of smaller manufacturers.

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Of these, only AUB is as fully integrated as the major brands. In fact, at AUB we firmly believe that meeting the requirements of the most demanding markets is only possible if we have full control over the production chain, from steel procurement to after-sales service, which constitutes the core objective of our company.

Our Beliefs

«To provide customers worldwide with a consistent source of tangible competitive advantages thanks to our pioneering business model in the bearing industry»

At AUB, we value our reputation above all else.

  • ● We believe in open and honest communication.

    ● We believe in value competition, not price competition.

    ● We believe in continuous learning and continuous growth.

    ● We believe that everything starts and ends with quality.

    ● We believe that suppliers should be the extended purchasing department of customers.

    ● We believe every customer deserves the best, whether you are buying one bearing or 1,000.

    ● We believe in doing the right thing when it’s easy and doing the right thing when it’s hard.

    ● We believe in the basic business rules – do what you say and do what you say.

    ● We don’t believe in shortcuts.

At AUB, we focus on providing the highest quality products at the best prices. Our principle is to put the needs of our customers first, because our job is to make your business happy. Our modern factories and logistics warehouses around the world provide us with the assurance that our customers will always associate the word “satisfaction” with our brand.

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When we moved our facility to a new and larger location in 2018.

We wanted to put something in the lobby of our office building to showcase our company values.

So we had an internal discussion about what we had written and asked ourselves the question…

What do we want to hear when our customers talk about AUB?

These words came out of our mouths:

Professional, Reliable, Responsible, Truthful, Honest, Innovative, Efficient…

As Warren Buffett said, “It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you do things differently.”

In July 2022, we received an inquiry from an old customer for 10000 sets of screws.

We have been working together for than ten years. They must have known we couldn’t make the part.

However, they still want us to help them select qualified suppliers from China, even though they know it will cost them .

That sounds good, as we can make some quick and easy money out of it.

But in reality, we’re less inclined to do that…

Because we understand that sourcing from outside is a little risky when we don’t have 100% full control.

That would be trading the trust of customers for some small profits.

That little money won’t make us rich, but it can easily screw us over.

Trust is hard to build, but easy to lose.

We are very careful about trading short-term gain for long-term pain.

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