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AUB Bearing Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has invested in advanced production lines with heat treatment capabilities, 50+ sets of CNC equipment and 30+ precision testing equipment, and is committed to building a high-quality workforce and introducing advanced manufacturing and management technologies. We have strict quality control and environmental protection. The plant covers an area of 8,000 square meters, and the monthly output is as high as 3.2 million pieces of bearings. In 2022, the bearings will be exported to than 30 countries including Germany, France, the United Kingdom, the United States, India, Brazil, Argentina, and Saudi Arabia, and will be unanimously recognized by customers. AUB Bearing Manufacturing Co., Ltd. analyzes and studies the quality, performance and cost performance of bearings, and provides convenient supply and technical support and solutions. The ultimate goal is smooth operation of equipment because of bearings.

100+ Advanced CNC Machines

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Heat Treatment Capacity

AUB has the most advanced heat treatment capability, realizes all-round quality control, and the quenching and tempering heat treatment process is completely controlled. The heat treatment quality control of bearing parts is the most stringent in the entire machinery industry. AUB has the most advanced heat treatment equipment in the world, and the same equipment is installed in SKF factory. We are one of the few factories in China with such equipment. As we all know, the quality of heat treatment is directly related to the subsequent processing procedures. It is very important that bearing performance and life will ultimately be affected. Heat treatment process is the key process and basis of bearing production. AUB cooperates with large bearing steel mills to help us ensure the quality of raw materials.

Advanced Inspection Equipment

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As a leading manufacturer of bearings, AUB Bearing has always focused on the research and development of today’s most advanced bearing technology, continuously improving the quality and performance of bearings.

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