Motorcycle Bearing

Motorcycle Bearing

Each motorcycle usually needs to use 20 to 30 bearings, but the actual number will vary by model and structure. In any case, a motorcycle without bearings would not be on the road. Motorcycle bearings are critical rotating components used to support the operation of the vehicle, including the engine, transmission and wheels. They help reduce friction and ensure that the engine’s power is reliably transmitted to the wheels. Motorcycle bearings are mainly used in:

  • Motorcycle Engine Bearings

  • Motorcycle gearbox bearings

  • motorcycle ground bearing

Motorcycle gearbox bearings
motorcycle ground bearing

The performance of motorcycle bearings is smooth rotation through low friction, low vibration and high durability. These properties affect fuel consumption, safety and air quality, which are closely related to our lives. AUB always pays attention to the details of these motorcycle bearings, strives to research and develop bearings, and optimize bearing design to improve the quality of life and protect the earth’s environment.

Since motorcycle bearings are used in an environment of high temperature, high-speed rotation, and high impact loads, bearings used in motorcycle engines and transmissions are required to be resistant to foreign objects and have high rigidity. In addition, wheel bearings must be suitable for all terrains and therefore must be resistant to water, mud, etc. AUB has materials with long-term durability and heat treatment technology to meet these requirements, as well as technology to optimize the internal specifications of the bearings to achieve high rigidity.

motorcycle bearings
motorcycle bearing

AUB is a professional motorcycle bearing manufacturer

AUB provides bearings with higher cost performance, longer service life and lower fuel consumption for motorcycles and special vehicles. The key is finding the right product for your transmission and clutch. We offer the following bearing styles to help you equip your transmission and clutch with the best possible parts.

Angular Contact Bearings

  • Ideal for applications with high axial loads

  • High speed and efficient operation

  • Combined loads are acceptable.Av

  • ailable in single row, double row and 4-point styles

Cylindrical Roller Bearings

  • Effective at high speed

  • Able to withstand extremely high radial loads

  • Various Design Configurations

Radial Ball Bearing

  • Effective for faster applications

  • Can withstand axial and radial loads

  • Designed to Run Efficiently and Quietly

Spherical roller bearing

  • Can withstand the toughest operating conditions

  • Accept Axis Misalignment

    Medium and low speed

  • Options include sealed version

Stainless Steel Bearing

  • Stainless steel helps extend bearing life

  • Can handle extremely high loads and fast RPMs

  • Provides exceptional fire and heat resistance

Additional options available through gearbox and industrial clutch bearings:

  • Solid Lubricant (Food Grade or Industrial Grade)

  • ceramic mix

  • External coating extends bearing life and improves wear resistance

  • Custom Bearings

Gearboxes and clutches are used in a wide variety of applications, from automotive applications to food industry equipment. We help businesses in these industries find bearings designed for their needs. Some of the transmission and industrial clutch bearing options we offer include:

Gearboxes motorcycle
Motorcycle Clutch


  • Cylindrical roller bearings

  • Spherical roller bearing

  • Tapered Roller Bearings

  • 4 point angular contact bearing

Industrial Clutch

  • Angular Contact Bearings

  • stainless steel bearing

  • adial ball bearing

Seal Clutch

  • Double Row Angular Contact Bearings

  • radial ball bearing

  • Slewing ring bearing

  • Thin Section Ball Bearings

Fan Clutch

double row bearing


double row bearing

AUB has always regarded reducing vibration, small size, light weight, and long life as important research and development directions, and strives to study thoroughly. With a wide range of bearing manufacturing expertise and resource development, under the conditions of bearings and bearing units, sealing technology, lubrication, mechatronics and dynamic modeling software, AUB engineers are able to provide a series of practical and profitable solution.