Automotive Bearings

Automotive Bearings

In order to reduce CO2 (carbon dioxide) emissions that cause global warming, reduce the number of failures, and improve vehicle performance, the performance of bearings is becoming and important.

At present, automobiles are developing towards light weight, compact structure, solidity, high power, good acceleration performance, comfort, durability, and high reliability. In addition, due to the advancement of electronic control technology, automobiles are also developing in the direction of low energy consumption, good driving performance, and convenience. Therefore, rolling bearings, as important components for automobile support, must adapt to this development trend. AUB closely combines these characteristics, is committed to the research and development of automobile bearings, and has developed hub bearing units with inherited ABS pulse generators, long-life gearbox bearings, high-temperature resistant and high-speed electromagnetic clutch bearings with good sealing performance, high-speed rotary seals Ball bearings, automotive water pump bearings, etc.

New energy vehicle bearing products

The AUB bearing series has developed drive motor bearings, reducer bearings and various supporting bearings suitable for various new energy vehicles such as commercial vehicles, passenger vehicles, and logistics vehicles. It is in a leading position in high-speed performance and low noise.
New energy vehicles are an emerging industry in recent years. They lead the market with light weight, zero emissions, and high speed requirements, and gradually enter our lives. New energy vehicles are composed of three parts: battery, motor and electronic control. The power comes from the drive motor, which is the main direction of the subsequent development of the automobile industry.


(1) High speed: special cage materials and optimized design of pockets are selected to make the resistance of the bearings smaller when rotating at high speed; the dmn value can reach 1.2 million;

(2) High and low temperature: adopt special heat treatment process and special lubricating grease. Satisfies the operating requirements of -40~150°C, greatly improving the performance of the bearing.

Automotive Powertrain Bearing Products

The car power system is the core of the car, providing power support for the safe driving of the car. The power system includes automobile engine, generator, tensioner, water pump, fan, etc., with high operating temperature, high limit speed, long life, high reliability requirements, and high sealing performance requirements. AUB can provide technical solutions according to various working conditions to meet the needs of various working conditions.

Hub Bearing

The main function of the hub bearing is to bear the load and provide precise guidance for the rotation of the hub. It bears both axial load and radial load, and is a very important component. Traditional automobile wheel bearings are composed of two sets of tapered roller bearings or ball bearings. The installation, oiling, sealing and clearance adjustment of the bearings are all carried out on the automobile production line. This structure makes it difficult to assemble in the automobile production plant, high in cost, and poor in reliability. over, when the automobile is maintained at the maintenance point, the bearing needs to be cleaned, oiled and adjusted.

The hub bearing unit is developed on the basis of standard angular contact ball bearings and tapered roller bearings. It combines two sets of bearings into one, with good assembly performance, clearance adjustment can be omitted, light weight, compact structure, and high load capacity. Large, unsealed bearings can be loaded with grease in advance, omit the external hub seal and avoid maintenance, etc., have been widely used in cars, and there is a tendency to gradually expand their application in trucks.