bicycle bearings
bicycle bearing

There are usually seven places on a bicycle where bearings need to be installed in order for the entire bike to run smoothly. Common components include the center shaft, hub, pedal, head bowl, guide wheel, etc. A bicycle’s performance depends largely on its bearings. And different parts have their suitable bearings. In order to provide […]

oil and gas bearing
Oil and Gas

It is becoming and difficult to extract oil and natural gas. To obtain resources means to drill in harsher environments and deeper layers, which requires greater power and higher loads. In fact, drilling equipment often operates at temperatures in excess of 300°F and pressures in excess of 10,000 psi. When unplanned downtime costs even up […]

CT scanner
Medical Bearings

Medical equipment is the basic condition for continuously improving the level of medical science and technology, and it is also an important symbol of modernization. The development of medical treatment depends to a large extent on the development of instruments. Medical devices can generally be divided into two categories: therapeutic devices (scalpels, medical catheters, pacemakers, […]

railway bearing
Railway Bearing

Rail transport is a rapidly growing industry. Bearings are also indispensable in railway production and application industries. Bearings used in the railway industry must have high load carrying capacity and safety performance. Railway bearing application Railway, axle bearing railway locomotive, rolling stock axle system adopts different structural designs due to different application conditions. Both locomotives […]

Bearings For Automotive
Automotive Bearings

In order to reduce CO2 (carbon dioxide) emissions that cause global warming, reduce the number of failures, and improve vehicle performance, the performance of bearings is becoming and important. AUB is a professional automotive bearing manufacturer At present, automobiles are developing towards light weight, compact structure, solidity, high power, good acceleration performance, comfort, durability, and […]

agricultural bearings
Agricultural Bearings

The use of reliable and durable bearings is critical to adequately maintaining agricultural machinery and harvesting crops in a timely manner. Agricultural engineering involves a wide range of machinery, equipment and tools, most of which are specially designed and manufactured according to the characteristics of agriculture and the special requirements of various agricultural operations, such […]

Motorcycle Bearing

Each motorcycle usually needs to use 20 to 30 bearings, but the actual number will vary by model and structure. In any case, a motorcycle without bearings would not be on the road. Motorcycle bearings are critical rotating components used to support the operation of the vehicle, including the engine, transmission and wheels. They help […]

Welding Robot
Robot bearing

With the continuous upgrading and development of modern industrial level, industrial robots have become an indispensable tool for realizing automation and intelligent production. Industrial robots are a new type of high-tech intelligent machines that can move freely and have multi-joint manipulators. It can work automatically according to relevant procedures or under human control. It can […]

CNC machine tools
CNC machine tools

CNC machine tool is the carrier and tool of advanced manufacturing technology and the basic equipment of the equipment industry. It is mainly used in automobiles, military industry, agricultural machinery, construction machinery, electric equipment, railway locomotives, ships and other industries. The performance of CNC machine tools plays an increasingly important role in production efficiency and […]

Wind Turbine Bearings
Wind turbine

Wind energy, as a renewable clean energy, has been valued and developed rapidly by various countries in the world. Large wind turbines are the main equipment for wind energy generation. The blade length of many 2MW wind power plants under construction is about 40 meters, the height of the rotating shaft is between 60 and […]

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Mining & Construction

The mining and construction industry is challenged by harsh environments, extremely high load capacities and non-stop operation. Whether it’s trucks, tunnel boring machines, vibrating screens, conveyors or off-road dump trucks, these are the places where bearing-intensive work takes place. Bearings used in the mining and construction industries can operate in extremely harsh environments.  The operating […]