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Thrust Ball Bearings

Thrust ball bearings are a kind of separation bearing. They consist of washers, cages and balls.The shaft washer and the seat washer can be separated from the cage and ball components. Thrust ball bearings include miniature thrust ball bearings, single direction thrust ball bearings and double direction thrust ball bearings. This thrust ball bearing catalog provides complete thrust bearing data, including a bearing size chart, price inquiry as well as CAD drawings for free download.


Types: thrust

Thrust ball bearings are designed to bear axial loads. Thrust ball bearing types include single direction thrust types and double direction thrust types. Single direction Thrust ball bearings can only bear axial loads in one direction, and double direction Thrust ball  bearings can bear axial loads in two directions. Thrust ball bearings have thrust bearing load capacity.


Materials: Chrome Steel, Stainless Steel, Ceramic Hybrid, Plastic

Chrome steel is the most common material for the axial ball thrust ball bearing because it has characteristics of high load capacity and low noise. When there is a need for rust prevention, 440c stainless steel material is usually used. We also have 304, 316 stainless steel and ceramic materials to meet clients' requirements for different applications.


Precision: ABEC-1 to ABEC-9

Factors to be considered when choosing an ABEC grade include radial and axial runout requirements, bore and OD fits, and the audible noise level. AUB Bearing offers these types of grades which show the available selection of bore and OD size tolerances, and the radial runout limits for each. Usually we produce metric thrust ball bearings according to ABEC1 grade, but we can recommend different accuracy grades according to different requirements of clients.


SizingGreater than or equal to 2mm Bore Dia  

Construction: Single direction thrust, Double direction thrust

Single direction thrust ball bearings consist of a shaft washer, a seat washer, and a ball-cage assembly. Double direction Thrust ball bearings consist of a shaft washer, two seat washers, and two ball-cage assemblies.


Cages: Stamped steel cage, Solid cage

When outer diameters of Thrust ball bearings are less than or equal to 250mm, stamped steel cages, which are made of steel, are generally used. When outer diameters of Thrust ball bearings are greater than 250mm, solid cages are commonly used.


Lubrication:Grease lubrication, Oil lubrication

For Thrust ball bearings, the lubrication is of great importance. It can reduce internal friction and wear of bearings and prevent burning and sticking. The lubrication can also prolong the service life of thrust ball bearings. In detail, it can discharge friction heat, accelerate cooling and prevent bearing overheating which can result in lubricating oil aging. The lubrication can also prevent foreign matters from invading into the thrust ball bearings, or prevent rust and corrosion.

The lubrication methods of an axial ball thrust ball bearing series contain the grease lubrication and the oil lubrication. In order to make Thrust ball bearings function well, first of all, it is necessary to choose the lubrication method suitable for the use conditions and purposes. Special attention should be paid to the amount of lubrication, whether oil lubrication or grease lubrication. Too little lubrication will not fully affect the thrust ball bearing life. Too much will produce large resistance and affect the speed.



Normal chrome steel Thrust ball bearings can be used at constant temperatures of 120°C or intermittent temperatures of up to 150°C. Above these temperatures, the load capacity of the chrome steel will be reduced. By means of special heat treatment processes and the addition of high temperature grease, we can also customize thrust ball bearings for high temperature resistance.


Typical applications include:

Thrust ball bearing series are widely used in many industries. Typical applications are as follows:

AutomobilesMotorsElectrical Appliances
FurniturePackaging MachineryFood Chemical Machinery
Fitness EquipmentConstruction MachineryMedical Instruments
Printing MachineryMachine ToolsFlow Meters
Robotics IndustryGas MetersAnemometer
Crane hookOil rigRolling mill roll neck