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Stainless Steel Bearings

Stainless steel bearings, especially stainless steel ball bearings, are among the most widely used bearing types in the world due to their versatility and overall performance. They are characterized by deep raceway grooves and the radius of the inner and outer ring arcs is slightly larger than that of the balls. Stainless steel ball bearings are corrosion resistant when exposed to moisture and several other media. They can be covered (with seals or shields) or open.

Stainless steel bearings have lower load carrying capacity than bearings of the same size made of high chromium steel. Stainless steel bearings are designed for wet and mildly corrosive environments where the bearings need to withstand moderate to high loads or speeds. Our stainless steel bearings are widely used in the food and beverage industry where equipment is frequently washed down.

Features and Benefits of Stainless Steel Ball Bearings

AUB stainless steel bearings are highly resistant to water, chemicals and sterilization, exhibit excellent stability at elevated temperatures and are available in a variety of sizes. Other features include:

Wide range of sizes: Sizes range from 0.6mm to 50mm bore diameter, with a variety of closures and lubricants to suit a wide range of applications.
Chemical Resistance: Stainless steel is inherently chemical resistant. This feature protects bearings from salt water, gasoline, solvents, detergents and other harsh chemicals.
Corrosion Resistant: Our bearings can withstand exposure to harsh environments without risk of corrosion, eliminating the need for oil or grease as a barrier and reducing the risk of bearing failure.
Temperature Resistant: Stainless steel ball bearings can operate in extreme temperatures up to 574 degrees Fahrenheit with proper cage material or full complement construction.

Materials for stainless steel bearings

Most stainless steel bearings are manufactured from AISI-440C, although AUB bearings use rings made from the more corrosion and wear resistant KS440 (ACD34/X65Cr13) grade stainless steel. Stainless steel guards and retainers are typically made of AISI-304 stainless steel, but some sizes can be equipped with reinforced polyamide retainers. All sizes can be supplied with stainless steel boots or rubber contact seals. Some sizes also offer high temperature and chemical resistant seals.

Our stainless steel ball bearings are available with food-grade lubricants, water- or chemical-resistant lubricants, and high-temperature lubricants that can withstand temperatures up to 300°C. Stainless steel can withstand higher temperatures than chrome steel.

Stainless steel bearings are suitable for use in mildly corrosive environments because steel is corrosion resistant but will be affected by sea water and strong acids or bases. For environments where 440 grade stainless steel is not suitable for too aggressive environments, we can supply austenitic 304, 316 grade stainless steel bearings or plastic, ceramic bearings for low loads and speeds. For higher loads and speeds we stock a range of all ceramic bearings. Stainless steel bearings are available for vacuum applications with vacuum compatible greases. Alternatively, for low speeds, they can be supplied without any lubricant or with a dry lubricant such as molybdenum disulfide or tungsten disulfide.

AUB stainless steel bearing solutions

AUB specializes in stainless steel radial bearings that can withstand radial loads. Radial loads apply forces perpendicular to the axis. Manufactured from 440 stainless steel bearings and constructed of machined precision rings or polymer cages, our bearings reduce friction and allow free movement of dynamic parts under moderate loads and low speeds.

AUB offers these unique qualities in open heavy gauge stainless steel ball bearings and guarded heavy gauge stainless steel ball bearings.

Stainless steel ball bearing applications and industries

Stainless steel radial bearings are especially suitable for industries that require frequent disinfection. They can be cleaned and sanitized without corrosion, require no lubrication, and are made from food- and medical-grade materials for use in a variety of industries and applications, including:

  • food
  • Ball bearings in food packaging equipment Food processing equipment
  • sugar factory
  • food packaging plant
  • Meat, poultry, seafood processing plants
  • Beverage, brewing, bottling plants
  • medical and pharmaceutical
  • chemical processing plant
  • Drugs and pharmaceutical factories
  • Medical machinery and equipment
  • agriculture
  • harvesting machinery
  • Dairy Application
  • material manufacturing
  • textile machinery
  • rubber factory
  • Pulp and Paper Mills
  • Marines
  • Pump

Advantages of AUB's Stainless Steel Ball Bearings

AUB offers stainless steel radial ball bearings with unique properties for demanding or demanding applications. Our feature and size range offers versatility in use, application and industry.

Commitment to quality is evident through our ISO 9000 certification. We are recognized specialists in the manufacture of precision miniature, medium and large bearings.