CNC machine tools

CNC machine tools

CNC machine tool is the carrier and tool of advanced manufacturing technology and the basic equipment of the equipment industry. It is mainly used in automobiles, military industry, agricultural machinery, construction machinery, electric equipment, railway locomotives, ships and other industries. The performance of CNC machine tools plays an increasingly important role in production efficiency and product quality, and at the same time, higher requirements are placed on reliable and energy-saving machine tool bearings. Whether it’s a spindle, rotary shaft or rotary table, bearing arrangements define the limits of machine tools like no other mechanical component.

CNC machine tools
Round and Rotary Tables

AUB super precision bearings set the standard for applications requiring high reliability, precision and high-speed performance, whether in machine tools, textile machinery, woodworking machinery or other fields. AUB bearings ensure the best condition in various applications. AUB has a complete range of bearings to ensure the best bearing configuration for various occasions and applications. For machine tools, AUB machine tool bearings have the potential to improve important performance and reduce costs. These functions can be achieved by applying know-how to bearing system arrangements, considering and optimizing the type of bearings used, and installing bearings in the correct way.

AUB machine tool bearing solutions can be used for large spindles, rotary tables, fixed steady rests and many other applications. There are often than one bearing in many realized special solutions, ranging from pre-arranged bearing assemblies to containing positioning systems, sensors, Ready-to-install solutions for connections such as pneumatics, hydraulics and lubrication systems. AUB does everything possible to provide the best individual solutions for customers’ applications.

slewing bearings for cnc machine
Multi row Cylindrical Roller Bearings for CNC Machine


AUB develops and manufactures large spindle bearings, from standardized spindle bearings to ultra-precision multi-row cylindrical roller bearings for roll grinding machines or radial bearings for rotary tables. AUB’s product range offers the highest precision for perfect machining results.

Rotary table bearing

On world-class large lathes, AUB bearings have become an indispensable part. From ultra-precision thrust deep groove ball bearings to subdivided special solutions to our innovative custom machine tool bearings, we offer the ideal solution for every machine concept.

Multi row Cylindrical Roller Bearings 1

Special Solution

The concept of machine tools is becoming and complex, and machining tasks must be followed in order to be successful. Therefore, for AUB, the bearing structure should also follow this understanding. We don’t want to limit a customer’s engineer with a bearing that doesn’t seem to exist. AUB designs and manufactures many innovative bearing concepts, supporting its customers from the design of the bearing arrangement to advice on mounting and lubrication.