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Kaydon Thin Section Bearings Equivalent

AUBEARING Thin Section Bearings

AUBEARING manufactures equivalents of the entire Kaydon range of thin section bearings (bearing model numbers are identical and can be cross-referenced interchangeably). Each Reali-Slim series is based on a single cross-section that remains constant as bore size increases. In contrast, standard bearings increase cross-sections with increasing bore sizes. AUBEARING's thin section bearing solutions meet the most stringent specifications across a wide range of applications, including aerospace and defense, robotics, drones, industrial machinery, medical equipment, mining energy, oil and gas, radar, semiconductor, solar, and wind energy markets. AUBEARING offers customization options to match Reali-Slim specifications.

Reali-Slim® Sealed Thin Section Bearings

AUBEARING provides the widest range of thin section bearings, featuring flagship products such as Reali-Slim® and Ultra-Slim® bearings, with bore sizes ranging from 0.75 inches to 40 inches or 19 millimeters to 1 meter. Reali-Slim® sealed thin section bearings offer integral sealing and shielding options, with extremely compact integral designs providing additional benefits for pre-installation, during installation, and post-installation bearing protection. Reali-Slim® bearings offer advantages in weight and space. For instance, compared to a standard 6010 radial ball bearing, the Reali-Slim KA020CP0 reduces weight by 85% and space by 83%. AUBEARING manufactures hybrid thin section bearings for harsh semiconductor manufacturing environments. Hybrid bearings use 440C stainless steel races and ceramic balls, ideal for applications requiring minimal particle generation, high-speed operation, low lubricity, and above-normal precision.

Endurakote Reali-Slim Corrosion-Resistant Coating

AUBEARING's Endurakote® hard chrome plating prevents bearing corrosion, significantly extending bearing life under harsh applications, meeting corrosion resistance requirements of harsh working environments at a lower cost than stainless steel bearings. The corrosion protection provided by Endurakote coating is equivalent to or better than full AISI 440C stainless steel bearings.

Reali-Slim® Stainless Steel Thin Section Bearings

Reali-Slim® stainless steel bearings are used in applications requiring high precision and corrosion resistance. AISI 440C stainless steel Reali-Slim® thin section bearings minimize common damage in harsh environmental applications.

Reali-Slim MM® Metric Thin Section Bearings

Reali-Slim MM® series products offer compact, lightweight designs for applications requiring metric sizes or interchangeability with other product dimensions.

Ultra-Slim® Ultra Thin Section Bearings

Ultra-Slim® ultra thin section bearings offer numerous possibilities in applications where precise positioning and lightweight design are crucial. Precision-designed Ultra-Slim® bearings, made from AISI 440C stainless steel, offer corrosion resistance. Ultra-Slim® bearings are ideal for lightweight and medium-duty applications such as robotics, detection equipment, satellites, cameras, and similar compact motion control design components. Ultra-Slim® ball bearings have a width of only 2.5 millimeters, with bore sizes ranging from 35 millimeters to 170 millimeters, suitable for a range of applications requiring compactness. AUBEARING manufactures hybrid bearings with ceramic balls as per application requirements. Ultra-Slim® bearings are available in angular contact (Type A), Conrad assembled deep groove radial ball (Type C), and four-point contact radial ball (Type X) styles.

BB Series Metric Thin Section Bearings

BB series metric thin section bearings are four-point contact ball bearings, ideal as alternatives to crossed roller bearings, suitable for applications requiring low cost, corrosion resistance, stricter tolerances, torque, seal/protection options, and high-temperature resistance. They provide additional design flexibility to help designers achieve optimal performance and economy. BB series metric bearings match the bore and width of standard crossed roller bearings.


Reali-Slim bearings offer various retainer options to evenly space rolling elements and prevent their mutual contact. Available retainer types include continuous ring "snap-over," continuous ring circular, formed wire, annular, and PTFE.


AUBEARING thin section bearings are available in various materials such as AISI 52100 chrome steel, 440C stainless steel, and Cronidur steel, with options for cross-sectional sizes and bearings with ABEC 1, ABEC 5, and higher tolerances. These options allow selection of various lubricants, corrosion-resistant materials, different contact angles, and precision levels.


The optimal preload for any bearing depends on the application. Increasing preload reduces deflection under load, increases bearing stiffness and natural frequency. However, increased preload also results in higher friction torque.


The cross-section thickness of thin section ball bearings is much thinner than standard bearings of the same diameter, making them more sensitive to shaft and housing fits. Proper installation is crucial to ensuring bearings perform as expected. Factors to consider during installation include bearing type and orientation, direction and magnitude of applied loads, allowable bearing clearance, maximum permissible torque, shaft and housing material, operating temperatures, and rotating ring.