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Miniature Bearing

Miniature bearings include: metric, inch, standard, flanged, open, sealed, shielded, chrome steel, stainless steel – and a range of miniature thrust ball bearings. Miniature bearings rotate at high speed with minimal vibration or noise and are widely used in, for example, remote control models, gyroscopes, miniature gearboxes, small motors, small instruments, dental equipment, vacuum cleaners, scooters, skateboards, fishing reels - all enumerate. Faced with such a large application, AUB now has an inventory of nearly 1000,000 miniature bearings, covering several thousand different types, and is a recognized leader in the manufacture of precision ball bearings and other medium to big sized bearings. Check out our spec sheet detailing all the sizes and varieties we offer, with bore diameters as small as 1.0 mm in metric sizes and starting at 0.04" in imperial sizes. Here you'll find miniature bearings in the ideal size, weight and speed to Help make the right choice for your application.

Materials for miniature bearings

Chrome steel is the most commonly used material for ball bearings because of its high load capacity and good low noise characteristics. Chrome steel bearings are also more cost effective. However, many very small gauge bearings are made from stainless steel because they are not used in high load applications and since the small amount of steel used, the cost difference is negligible. Chrome steel bearings with steel retainers and suitable lubricants can be used at a constant temperature of 120°C or at intermittent temperatures up to 150°C. Above these temperatures, the load carrying capacity of chrome steels decreases and the steel undergoes greater dimensional changes than stainless steels.

Seals and Shields For Miniature Bearings

Most of AUB's chrome steel miniature bearings are available as Open or with metal shields (Z or ZZ). Larger sizes are available with rubber or PTFE contacting seals (RS or 2RS) or low friction non-contacting rubber seals (RZ or 2RZ). Open bearings are lubricated with light oil. Shielded or sealed bearings are usually lubricated with grease, but shielded bearings are available with instrument oil for low speed, low friction applications. Thanks to our in-house relubrication facility, these miniature bearings can be supplied with customer specified oil, grease or dry lubricant.

AUB's Ball Bearing Solutions

AUB consistently supplies high quality miniature precision ball bearings for a wide variety of industrial, scientific and commercial applications. Available in both metric and imperial sizes, our Miniature Ball Bearings are known for their high performance in accommodating rotation with extremely low friction. We have perfected the process of manufacturing our Miniature Ball Bearings so the highest quality standards are always maintained. As a result, our miniature precision bearings have the exact characteristics needed for long-lasting performance. Contact our team today for more details on miniature precision ball bearings or to request a quote.