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Design Features of HS Series Slewing Bearings

The HS series slewing ring internal configuration consists of a rectangular cross-section with deep grooved gothic arched raceways and maximum ball capacity. This is a typical four-point contact design that provides excellent moment, thrust and radial load capabilities.

The HS and RK series share the same pinion, gear, and race core hardness. However, the HS slewing ring has smaller clearances and a rectangular cross-section, which provides additional capacity, higher stiffness, and race core hardness compared to the RK series. HS slewing ring bearings are available in sizes from 20" to 47" (500mm to 1,200mm) outside diameter, with standard cross-sections. Configurations include non-geared and internal geared (fittings on the outside diameter) and external gears (fittings on the inside diameter). These gears feature an involute stub shaft design with a 20° pressure angle and are manufactured to AGMA Class Q5 with backlash allowances from 0.015" to 0.025".

HS slewing ring bearings have two fittings for lubrication, spaced 180° apart. The gear race has threaded holes, while the non-gear race has through holes. All products feature an integral seal designed to prevent contamination. HS slewing ring bearings with gear races have threaded holes, while HS slewing ring bearings without gear races have through holes.


HS slewing rings offer a variety of solutions for medium to heavy duty applications including:

  • кран
  • ваздушни лифт
  • excavator derrick
  • Окретни падобран
  • forklift rotator
  • Industrial turntable