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попречни ваљак

Окретни прстен са попречним ваљком се састоји од две феруле, компактне структуре, мале тежине, високе прецизности и малог зазора за монтажу. Ваљци се укрштају један по један, тако да окретни прстен може да поднесе велика аксијална, радијална и моментна оптерећења. Једноредни укрштени ваљкасти лежајеви су погодни за опрему за дизање и друге грађевинске машине.

  • Outer diameter: 602mm~4726mm
  • Ball Diameter: 25mm~50mm
  • Rated load: 104kN~1980kN

Crossed roller slewing rings consist of square raceways and cylindrical rollers instead of balls. The complete contact of the rollers (compared to only 4 ball points) increases the load capacity of this type of bearing, especially for radial loads. This type of bearing also has less internal clearance than ball bearings, typically 0.0-0.03mm (preloaded) axial and radial. While this increases the starting torque, it also increases the precision and stiffness of the bearing, making it especially useful in precision applications.

  • Suitable for medium to heavy duty applications
  • Висока прецизност и тачност
  • High Rigidity and Rigidity
  • constant rotational resistance
  • higher rotational torque
  • Accepts all combinations of axial, radial and tilting moment loads
  • Available in gearless, internal and external gear versions
  • Can be used for induction hardened gears
  • Typical sizes range from 300mm-2000mm, other sizes are available upon request.
  • Different anti-corrosion coatings available
  • Одговарајући зупчаници су доступни за све окретне лежајеве.

AUB is a professional slewing ring manufacturer, we can design and manufacture slewing ring bearings, precision bearings, slewing drives and custom bearings.
With a professional team, advanced manufacturing technology and strict quality management system, AUB took the lead in developing a slewing ring with reasonable structure, light weight, good bearing capacity and strong versatility. The bearing diameter ranges from 200 to 15000mm, and the precision covers PO, P6, P5 grades. Now, we can manufacture CCS, ABS, BV, GL and other certified bearings.

Наша предност:

1. Fast speed: adaptable, simple in organization, high in work efficiency, creative, and accepts various customizations.

2. Flexible: the staff is streamlined, the communication path is short, the problem can be solved quickly, and the after-sales service is perfect.

3. Efficiency: High comprehensive ability of employees, high work efficiency, high output, good quality and short delivery time.

Why choose AUB:

1. AUB slewing bearings are located in Linqing, a famous construction machinery base, and have their own stable and skilled design, development and manufacturing teams.

2. The physical factory has a strong R&D team, advanced production equipment, continuous increase and update of production equipment, a molding batch production line, clear division of labor, and high production efficiency. (Standard models have raw materials in stock and will be delivered within 7 days.)

3. The slewing bearings have been exported to more than 30 countries, and have been highly praised and recognized by customers all over the world.