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  • We make bearings from premium quality, case-carburized bearing steel and feature a hard, fatigue-resistant surface and a durable, crack-resistant core to maximize service life. High-quality materials also provide a high shock resistance in heavy load applications.
  • АУБ designed TTHDs for high thrust-load capacity and applications with increased pressures.
  • The true rolling motion of TTHDs allow for higher speeds with minimum roller skewing or skidding.
  • Special profiles on TTHDs create an advanced geometry and minimize edge-stress concentrations caused by high thrust loads.
  • Enhanced material, special finishes and increased precision also can be applied to further extend bearing life.
  • Additional bearing capacity is available with TTHDFL design, which features a different cage and one flat-thrust race.


Type TTHD bearings are engineered for use in:

  • Алатне машине
  • Mill stands
  • Oil well swivels
  • Plastic extruders
  • Pulp refiners