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  • Одвојиви дизајнThe shaft and housing washers and the roller and cage thrust assemblies of tapered roller thrust bearings with cages can be mounted separately.
  • Ниско трењеThe optimized roller end design and surface finish on the flange promote lubricant film formation, resulting in lower friction. This also reduces frictional heat and flange wear.
  • Дуг радни векDepending on the design, crowned or logarithmic raceway profiles optimize the load distribution along the contact surfaces, reduce stress peaks at the roller ends, and reduce the sensitivity to misalignment compared with conventional straight raceway profiles .
  • Повећана оперативна поузданостЗавршна обрада на контактним површинама на ваљцима и стазама за трчање подржава формирање хидродинамичког филма мазива.
  • Висока носивостThe rollers incorporated in AUB tapered roller thrust bearings are manufactured to such close dimensional and geometrical tolerances that they are practically identical. This provides optimal load distribution and enables the bearings to accommodate heavy axial loads.

Tapered Roller Thrust Bearing -- The angle created between the bearing axis and the line of contact between the raceway and the tapered roller determines the degree of thrust this bearing can accommodate. If this angle is greater than 45°, the bearing is better suited for axial loads. Once the angle between the bearing axis and roller axis reaches 90° the bearing can only sustain axial loads. These bearings require a cage, and sometimes a flange, to retain the roller assembly.