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ТС (конусни једноваљкасти лежајеви) (метрички)

Design properties of TS (single row tapered roller bearings) (metric)

ТС (једноредни конусни ваљкасти лежајеви) (metric) are designed to accommodate combined loads, i.e. radial and axial loads acting simultaneously. The extensions of the raceways intersect at the same point on the axis of the bearing for true rolling. Therefore, TS (single row tapered roller bearings) (metric) have a low frictional moment during operation. The axial load carrying capacity of TS (single row tapered roller bearings) (metric) increases with increasing contact angle α. The size of the contact angle (usually 10° to 30°) is related to the calculated coefficient e. The larger the value of e, the larger the contact angle.

Материјал: хромирани челик, нерђајући челик

Chromium steel is the most commonly used material for TS (single row конусни ваљкасти лежајеви) (metric) because of its high load capacity and low noise. 440c stainless steel is recommended when used in a rust-resistant environment. This stainless steel can withstand high loads and high speeds at the same time, and the material is also rust-resistant.

Тачност: АБЕЦ-1 до АБЕЦ-5

Factors to consider when selecting an ABEC grade include radial and axial runout requirements, bore and outside diameter fit, and audible noise levels. AUB Bearing offers these types of grades which show the available bore and outside diameter dimensional tolerances, as well as the runout limits for each grade. ABEC Grade 3 is preferred for routine applications. In general, raceway finish and raceway geometry are superior in ABEC 5. These grades are generally recommended for precision assemblies where low noise, minimum runout and long life are important considerations for TS (single row tapered roller bearings) (metric).

Dimensions: Bore diameter from 7.937 mm to 1270.000 mm

Тип заптивке

TS (single row tapered roller bearings) (metric) are available in various seal types. They are open type TS (single row tapered roller bearing) (metric), sealed type (rubber seal) TS (single row tapered roller bearing) (metric) and shielded type (metal shield) TS (single row tapered roller bearing) (metric). Open TS (single row tapered roller bearings) (metric) are the most common, while other seal categories require customization.

Features and Benefits of TS (Single Row Tapered Roller Bearings) (Metric)

low friction.The optimized roller design on the ribs and the surface finish of the ribs promote the formation of a lubricating oil film, thereby reducing friction. This reduces frictional heat and wear on the flanges. Additionally, TS (Single Row Tapered Roller Bearings) (metric) can better maintain preload and reduce noise levels during operation.

Дуготрајна.Convex raceway s, in detail, the shape of the logarithmic raceway s of TS (single row tapered roller bearing) (metric) can optimize the load distribution along the contact surface, reduce the stress peaks at the ends of the rollers, and reduce the misalignment Sensitivity and shaft deflection in .

Побољшајте оперативну поузданост.Optimized surface treatment of the roller-raceway contact surfaces promotes the formation of a hydrodynamic lubricating film.

Consistency of drum profile and dimensions.The rollers integrated in TS (single row tapered roller bearings) (metric) are manufactured with such exacting tolerances and dimensional accuracy that they are almost identical. This provides optimum load distribution in TS (single row tapered roller bearings) (metric), reduces noise and vibration levels and enables more precise preload.

Rigid Bearing Applications.У неким применама, једноредни конусни ваљкасти лежајеви често се морају подесити заједно са другим конусним ваљкастим лежајем. Примене крутих лежајева могу се постићи применом преднапрезања.

Temperature drop peak run-in period.TS (single row tapered roller bearings) (metric) usually have a running-in period. During this time, TS (Single Row Tapered Roller Bearings) (Metric) of the conventional design mode are subjected to a large amount of friction, which can lead to wear. This will cause the bearing temperature to rise.

Све док је лежај правилно инсталиран и ефикасно подмазан, Лили Беаринг вам може пружити најбоље решење. Ово решење значајно смањује трење, хабање током рада и велику количину топлоте која се ствара током трења.

Separability and Interchangeability.TS (single row tapered roller bearings) (metric) are separable by design. The inner ring (Cup) with roller and cage assembly can be mounted separately from the outer ring (Cup). Additionally, tapered roller bearing assemblies of the same size are fully interchangeable. These features facilitate smooth installation, removal and maintenance inspections.

Lubrication: Factory lubricated from hundreds of lubricant stocks.
As grease manufacturers trusted lubrication experts, we know how important it is to find the right grease for your bearing application. With more than 20 years of experience and knowledge, we are confident in matching the best lubrication solutions for our customers. In addition, we can also use oil or grease lubricant specified by customers.


Plain chrome steel TS (single row tapered roller bearings) (metric) can be used at constant temperatures up to 120°C or intermittently up to 150°C. Above these temperatures, the load carrying capacity of chrome steels will decrease. Through special heat treatment process and adding high temperature grease, we can also customize high temperature resistant TS (single row tapered roller bearing) (metric).


Gearboxes, pumps and conveyors for power generation, mining, oil and gas, wind energy, pulp and paper, food and beverage, gear drives, cement and metal applications.
Drive trains, gear drives, axles, wheel ends and transmissions for construction, mining, rail, automotive and commercial vehicles.