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метрички Лежајеви танког пресека were developed for applications where space limitations are of the utmost importance. As the name implies, the difference between the inside and outside diameters of the rings has been minimized or thinned out. Of course, this comes at a price by compromising load capacities. However, these Metric Thin Section Bearings can still accommodate a relatively light radial thrust or combined loads. Metric Thin Section Bearings are available in open type bearings, shield (2Z) or seals (2RS).

Metric Thin Section Bearings have low rotational torque and high rotational accuracy. Metric Thin Section Bearings are designed for mainly radial loads. They will support axial loads but, with the 6700 series in particular, these should be limited due to the shallower raceways.

The ring and ball material of metric thin section bearings is available in 52100 chrome steel or 440C stainless steel. Cage styles are either two-piece ribbon or snap-over crown designs. Closure selections include contact rubber seals or metallic shields. All standard tolerance classes and radial play ranges are available. Choose from several popular greases or oils.

For metric thin section ball bearings, Chrome steel is the standard material due to its high load capacity and low noise properties. Chrome steel Metric Thin Section Bearings, with a steel retainer and a suitable lubricant, can be used at temperatures of 120°C constant or up to 150°C intermittent. Above these temperatures, the load capacity of chrome steel is reduced and the steel undergoes greater dimensional changes.

Chrome steel bearings are not suitable for use in corrosive environments as the steel is not corrosion resistant. Most of our chrome steel Metric Thin Section Bearings can be supplied with metal shields although the larger 6700 series bearings are only available with seals. Many sizes are available with rubber contact seals or low friction non-contact rubber seals. Open Metric Thin Section Bearings are supplied with a light oil lubrication. Shielded or sealed Metric Thin Section Bearings are usually supplied with grease lubrication but shielded Metric Thin Section Bearings can be offered with instrument oil for low speed, low friction applications. Thanks to our in-house relubrication facility, these Metric Thin Section Bearings are also available with customer specified oils, greases or dry lubricants.

A one-piece crown cage is more common for the smallest and the thinnest section bearings due to space constraints. All 6700 series thin section bearings use a crown cage. Many 6800 and 6900 series bearings have a two piece ribbon cage. Some sizes are also available with the high speed TW nylon crown cage.

Attention should be paid to shaft and housing roundness. The inner and outer rings of these Metric Thin Section Bearings are very thin and easily distorted. Poor shaft or housing roundness will greatly increase bearing noise and vibration. Choosing the correct radial play for an application is even more important with Metric Thin Section Bearings. The internal clearance (radial play) of a thin section bearing can be reduced by as much as 80% of the interference fit.