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УлтраСлим Беарингс

2.5 mm series,range in bore diameters from 35 mm to 170 mm.Models of AUB’s UltraSlim Thin Section Bearings can be interchangeable with Каидон ultra slim section bearings. The bearing interchange chart is meant to be a quick cross-reference guide.

UltraSlim Лежајеви танког пресека are a kind of extra thin section bearings. They are available open. These UltraSlim Thin Section Bearings offer high performance in corrosive and non-corrosive environments where space devoted to the bearings is at a minimum. Models of AUB’s UltraSlim Thin Section Bearings can be interchangeable with Kaydon ultra slim section bearings. The bearing interchange chart is meant to be a quick cross-reference guide.

 Атрибути of UltraSlim Лежајеви танког пресека

 ТиповиУгаони контакт (Тип-А), контакт у четири тачке (Тип-Кс), радијални контакт (Тип-Ц)

In applications with high axial loads, Type-A UltraSlim Thin Section Bearings, that is, angular contact ultra slim section bearings, should be used. These bearings also work well in radial or combined radial-thrust applications. The Type-A UltraSlim Thin Section Bearings should never be used alone to support moment loads or reversing axial loading. Two Type-A Ultra-thin Bearings are often used as a duplex pair.

The Type-X UltraSlim Thin Section Bearings, that is, the 4-point contact super thin section bearings, are ideal for moment loading. Type-X UltraSlim Thin Section Bearings are designed with gothic arch raceways creating 4 contact points between the balls and the raceways. This design is excellent for moment loading and reversing axial loading. The Type-X UltraSlim Thin Section Bearings can be used for other light loading conditions, but is not recommended in place of the Type-C or Type-A Ultra-thin section bearings for pure radial loads.

The Type-C UltraSlim Thin Section Bearings, that is, the radial contact super-thin section bearings, is designed with deep ball grooves to withstand high loads. Although these bearings are used primarily in applications with radial loads, they can withstand moderate axial loads, reversing axial loads, and moment loads.

Материјали: хромирани челик, нерђајући челик, керамички хибрид

The standard UltraSlim Thin Section Bearings shown in the catalog have SAE 52100 steel rings and balls. UltraSlim Thin Section Bearings can be manufactured from other specialty bearing steels to provide corrosion resistance, high temperature capability, alternative load capacity or chemical compatibility.



AUB has manufactured UltraSlim Thin Section Bearings from SAE 440C stainless steel to provide corrosion resistance. As an alternative to stainless steel rings, the entire surface of the rings can be plated with nodular thin dense chrome (TDC). This plating, which meets AMS 2438, achieves a molecular bond that will not flake, peel or separate from the base material. The TDC plate has a hardness of HRC 70 - 78 and can withstand temperatures well beyond the range of the base material.

Some special UltraSlim Thin Section Bearings have been manufactured from Aluminum, 300 Series Stainless Steel, 17-4 Stainless Steel, and other metals.


Неки доступни специјални материјали за куглице укључују нерђајући челик 440Ц, нерђајући челик серије 300, силицијум нитрид и челик М-50.

Прецизност: АБЕЦ-1 до АБЕЦ-7

UltraSlim Thin Section Bearings are available in four precision grades. ABEC grades 1, 3, 5 and 7 respectively. The tolerances for the bearing bores, outer diameters and radial plays are shown in the products tables.


UltraSlim Thin Section Bearings are 2.5 mm wide, available in bore sizes ranging from 35 mm to 170 mm for an array of applications requiring compact motion control design components.

Тип заптивке: отворен

UltraSlim Thin Section Bearings are open-typed and they are usually oil lubricated, with low starting torque and flexible rotation.


Конструкција: стални пресек

The cross-section remains constant even in the case of larger shaft and housing bore diameters, therefore the UltraSlim Thin Section Bearings are also described as constant section (CS) bearings. There are three configurations of UltraSlim Thin Section Bearings. They are angular contact UltraSlim Thin Section Bearings (Type A), Conrad assembled deep groove radial UltraSlim Thin Section Bearings (Type C), and four-point contact radial UltraSlim Thin Section Bearings (Type X).


Систем мерења 

Систем мерења од UltraSlim Thin Section Bearings in the following catalog is the metric system.



Cage materials of UltraSlim Thin Section Bearings cover brass, nylon, phenolic and stainless steel.


АУБ Беаринг нуди много различитих мазива за посебне примене. Могу се обезбедити масти које су посебно дизајниране за велике брзине, мали обртни момент, отпорност на воду, високу температуру, осцилаторно кретање и машине за храну. Додатна мазива, као што је суви филм, погодна су за употребу у вакууму и свемирским апликацијама. За више детаља, молимо погледајте веб страницу компаније Балл Беаринг Лубрицатион.



UltraSlim Thin Section Bearings with Normal chrome steel can be used at constant temperatures of 120°C or intermittent temperatures of up to 150°C. Above these temperatures, the load capacity of the chrome steel will be reduced. By means of special heat treatment processes and the addition of high temperature grease, we can also customize ultra slim section bearings for high temperature resistance.


Интерно царињење

Internal clearance is the play between outer ring, inner ring and rolling element of bearings. Generally, the amount of up and down movement of the outer ring with respect to the fixed inner ring is called the radial internal clearance and its right and left movement the axial internal clearance. Bearing internal clearance in operation is an important factor that has a significant influence on other factors such as noise, vibration, heat and fatigue life.