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TDI (Cursă interioară dublă pe două rânduri) (Imperial)

TDI bearings have a one-piece double inner ring and two single outer rings and are usually supplied with outer ring spacers as pre-set assemblies. This bearing can be used in a fixed position for rotary shaft applications. For rotating housing applications, it can be used to float on a fixed shaft. Grooves and holes may be provided in the outer ring spacer to allow lubricant to escape from the bearing housing.

TDI bearings are sometimes used in rotating shaft applications where a loose fit is required to facilitate removal.

TDIT rulmenți cu role conice are double inner ring bearings with a tapered bore. It consists of a one-piece (double) inner ring and two single outer rings. TDIT bearings are usually supplied with an outer ring spacer as a pre-assembled component. These can be used in fixed (locating) positions for rotary axis applications. The tapered inner ring bore facilitates easy removal where an interference fit is required and frequent removal of the bearing from the shaft is required.

Design properties:

  • Double cone and two single cups, with or without cup spacers.
  • Available as matching components.
  • Cup ground fits.


  • reductor
  • macara
  • calendar roll
  • mașină industrială