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Rulmenți cu role cilindrice cu un singur rând

Full complement cylindrical roller bearings are cage-free, meaning that a maximum number of rolling elements can be accommodated. For this reason, full complement bearings can be subjected to particularly high radial loads, while the limiting speed is significantly lower than that of cylindrical roller bearings.
Thanks to shoulders that are appropriately situated at the bearing rings, the bearings also carry axial forces in one direction. For axial counterstay, place a second bearing mirror-inverted to the first.
Single row full complement cylindrical roller bearings are – except for NJG23..VH series – not detachable.


In single row full complement cylindrical roller bearings, the main dimensions are standardized according to ISO 15 (Radial bearings – boundary dimensions), DIN 616 (Roller bearings – boundary dimensions) or DIN 5412-1 (Roller bearings – cylindrical roller bearings – single row).

Temperatura de lucru

AUB single-row full complement cylindrical roller bearings with a maximum 120 mm outer diameter are standard stabilized in dimensions by S0, meaning that they are subjected to heat treatment that makes them usable up to 150 °C. Above a 120 mm outer diameter, the cylindrical roller bearings are standard stabilized in dimensions by S1, meaning that they are heat treated to make them usable up to a working temperature of 200 °C. However, as a rule, the maximum working temperature is not limited by the dimensional stability of the inner rings and rollers. In many cases, it is limited by the lubricant. Please find the necessary information in the relevant chapters. If you are uncertain or have specific questions regarding our bearings’ temperature limits, don’t hesitate to contact the AUB team.


As the default, we manufacture single-row full complement cylindrical roller bearings at SLF with standard tolerances (PN) according to DIN 620-2 (Roller bearing tolerances – tolerances for radial bearings) and ISO 492 (Radial bearings – dimensions and tolerances). We also deliver the bearings with other tolerances.

Greasing/lubrication & sealing

We manufacture single-row full complement cylindrical roller bearings without seals. Consequently, the bearing location must be sealed around/ on the surrounding components. The sealing must ensure that no moisture and/ or contaminants can enter the bearing and that no lubricant is lost.
The cylindrical roller bearings are delivered ungreased but must be lubricated with oil or grease. Choose the lubricant according to the application.

Caracteristici și Beneficii

  • Capacitate mare de încărcareBearings without a cage incorporate a maximum number of rollers and are therefore suitable for very heavy radial loads.
  • Rigiditate ridicatăNumărul crescut de role crește rigiditatea radială.
  • Separabil și interschimbabilThe separable components of AUB single row full complement cylindrical roller bearings are interchangeable. This facilitates mounting and dismounting, as well as maintenance inspections.
  • Durată lungă de viață

The portfolio of AUB single row cylindrical roller bearings also includes the high-capacity full complement bearings (cageless), which reach higher load carrying capacities within the same boundary dimensions. As a standard, they are produced with normal radial internal clearance (CN), but they are available with C2, C3, C4 and C5 radial clearance as well.