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BB Series Metric Ball Bearings

BB Series Metric Ball Bearings are available to match the bores and widths of common cross-roller bearings. Four-point contact BB Series Metric Ball Bearings can be dimensionally interchangeable with cross-roller bearings. When factors such as the cost, the availability, the corrosion resistance, the tighter tolerances, the torque, the seal/shield options as well as the temperature resistance play a key role in your applications, it is a good way to take the place of cross-roller bearings with four-point contact BB Series metric ball bearings.

The design of BB Series metric ball bearings are quite flexible. The additional design flexibility they offer can often help you achieve your design objectives with the optimum performance at a low cost.

For standard cross-roller bearings, some features are not commonly available. Such kinds of features include a protective package for corrosion resistance, the custom sealing for the extreme environments, the lubrication in specific applications as well as the resistance to the high temperature.

Attributes oBB Series Metric Ball Bearings

BB Series Metric Ball Bearings can provide greater design flexibility, which in not available in standard cross-roller bearings.


For applications which need superior corrosion resistance, we offer our proprietary plating for BB series metric ball bearings. This thin, dense chrome plating enables the corrosion resistance of AISI 52100 to be equal to or to be better than that of AISI 440C stainless steel.


Standard industry seals of BB Series Metric Ball Bearings are generally available from the Nitrile rubber. We can also provide custom seals made from Silicone or Viton® materials for those applications where extreme environments such as the high temperature are likely to be encountered.

Rezistența la temperaturi

For standard cross-roller bearings, the maximum full load operating temperature is only 212°F. In contrast, BB Series Metric Ball Bearings from AUB Bearing can operate at much higher temperatures due to the heat treating procedures.

Opțiuni de lubrifiere

AUB Bearing can offer a full range of lubricants, which can optimize bearing performance in a range of applications with special requirements for the moisture resistance, high or low temperatures, the vacuum as well as the low torque.


The common roller spacer for many cross-roller bearings is an on-metallic composite. However, the applications with the high temperature or the horizontal axis need non-standard materials or a non-standard separator design. Four-point contact BB Series Metric Ball Bearings are available with separator options so as to meet a wide range of applications.

Internal Fit-up

AUB Bearing can help optimize the internal fit-up of four-point contact BB Series Metric Ball Bearings so as to provide the desired operating performance. Pre-loaded bearings are recommended for greater stiffness, and the diametral clearance is recommended for lower torque applications.