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Tip deschis cu bile de oțel (super precizie)

Rulmenți cu bile cu contact unghiular sunt un tip de rulment cu elemente de rulare care este proiectat să reziste atât la sarcini radiale, cât și axiale, care sunt forțe care acționează perpendicular și, respectiv, paralel cu axa de rotație.

  • The "super precision" designation typically refers to bearings that are manufactured to very tight tolerances and high levels of accuracy, making them suitable for use in high-performance applications such as machine tools, robotics, and aerospace equipment.
  • The term "open type" means that the bearing does not have a seal or shield, which allows for easier lubrication and maintenance but also makes it more susceptible to contamination from dirt and debris.
  • Bile de oțel are a common material used in the construction of angular contact ball bearings, as they offer good strength and durability while remaining relatively lightweight. Other materials, such as ceramic balls, may also be used for applications that require even higher levels of performance.
  • Overall, angular contact ball bearings are a versatile and reliable choice for a wide range of industrial applications, and the use of super precision manufacturing techniques can further enhance their performance and durability.