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Design of Micro Thrust Ball Bearings

Micro thrust ball bearings are specifically designed to withstand axial or thrust loads, without bearing radial loads. They are crucial for applications that require supporting axial loads in compact environments. Their specialized design, material selection, and specifications make them an ideal choice for applications requiring high speed and high precision, ensuring effective and reliable operation.


  • Washers: These flat or grooved components act as the raceways for the bearings, typically made from chrome steel to enhance load capacity.
  • Balls: Hardened steel balls roll between the washers, reducing friction and increasing durability, usually made from grade 100 steel.
  • Retainer (Cage): This component holds the balls in place to ensure uniform spacing and smooth operation. Molded materials like nylon are used for their self-lubricating properties.
  • Lubrication Options: Various lubrication options including oil, grease, or dry lubricants are available to meet specific requirements.

Materials for Micro Thrust Ball Bearings

Chrome steel is the most common material for the washers and balls of thrust bearings. Typically, both washers and balls are made from chrome steel, while retainers are made from brass or stainless steel. For enhanced corrosion resistance over longer durations, stainless steel thrust bearings are an excellent choice, where both washers, balls, and retainers are made from AISI440 stainless steel. Micro thrust bearings with hybrid ceramic balls are also popular.

Chrome steel thrust bearings with brass retainers and suitable lubricants can operate at a constant temperature of 120°C or intermittently up to 150°C. Beyond these temperatures, the load capacity of chrome steel decreases. These bearings are not suitable for use in corrosive environments due to the corrosion susceptibility of chrome steel washers and balls. Chrome steel thrust bearings are coated with rust preventive oil to prevent moisture.


Regular maintenance of micro thrust ball bearings is crucial for optimal performance and longevity. Regularly inspecting for signs of wear, damage, or contamination, and performing appropriate cleaning and lubrication are essential. Proper alignment and lubrication are key to preventing early bearing failures.

AUBEARING's design of micro thrust bearings incorporates a molded 6/6 nylon retainer, hardened grade 100 steel balls, and 10-grade micro-polished hardened steel washers for optimal performance. The self-lubricating properties of nylon combined with hardened steel and high-grade balls reduce friction and eliminate squeaking during rotation. The retainer securely holds the balls in precisely molded grooves, ensuring smooth, quiet, and free rotation.