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Sealed tapered roller bearings combine the characteristics of tapered roller bearings and seals. Its design includes inner and outer rings with tapered raceways and tapered rollers installed therebetween. Seals are usually made of synthetic rubber or similar materials to effectively seal the interior of the bearing to prevent the entry of dust, moisture and impurities. This sealing mechanism not only extends the service life of the bearing, but also reduces maintenance requirements, and is particularly suitable for harsh working environments.


Excellent protection: The main advantage of sealed tapered roller bearings is their excellent sealing performance, which effectively prevents environmental pollutants from entering the bearing. This not only extends the service life of the bearing, but also reduces the risk of early damage due to pollutants.

Reduced maintenance costs: Compared with open designs, sealed tapered roller bearings require less maintenance and lubrication due to effective closure, thereby reducing maintenance costs and downtime.

Stable and reliable performance: In harsh working environments, sealed tapered roller bearings can maintain stable and reliable performance, ensuring smooth operation under high loads and severe weather conditions.

Extended service life: The superior sealing design and rugged structure enable this bearing to operate stably for a long time, providing longer service life and more reliable operation.


Automotive industry: Used in automotive wheels, gearboxes and transmission systems, capable of withstanding high loads and complex environmental conditions.

Industrial equipment: Used in heavy machinery and equipment such as construction machinery, mining machinery and agricultural machinery, which require efficient operation in harsh environments.

Railway transportation: Applied to axle box systems and traction motors for railway vehicles, capable of withstanding the effects of high loads and severe weather.

Wind power: Integrated into the main shaft and gearbox of wind turbines to handle combined loads and extreme environmental conditions.