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The XV series crossed roller bearings are designed to mount the outer ring to adjacent structures using screws, while the inner ring is positioned and adjusted precisely using locking nuts to achieve clearance or preload. Both inner and outer rings are secured with metal nuts, ensuring dust prevention and structural integrity. This design is convenient for applications requiring precise outer ring rotation. All designs within the XV series are based on standard structures, and AUBEARING can also design and manufacture many other similar structures according to specific and special requirements.

канструктыўныя асаблівасці

  • Capable of bearing axial and radial loads.
  • Rollers arranged in a staggered pattern to save space.
  • Equipped with mounting holes, eliminating the need for flange and support seat fixation.


The XV series crossed roller bearings are characterized by high precision, large rigidity, high load capacity, and compact size. With adjustable bearing clearance and the ability to maintain high precision rotational motion even under preload, the bearings are commonly used as joint bearings in industrial robots due to their unique structure.

Налада параметраў:

  • Materials: Gcr15, stainless steel.
  • External diameter: 75mm to 180mm.
  • Internal diameter: 30mm to 110mm.
  • Precision grades: P0, P6, P5, P4, P2.
  • Зазор: C2, CN, C3, C4.