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AUBEARING is a leading manufacturer of double direction thrust ball bearings, enjoying a good reputation in the industry for its high-quality products and innovative technologies. Advanced heat treatment processes and equipment such as CNC machine tools, precision grinders and automated inspection systems are used in the bearing manufacturing process. These technologies ensure that its products reach industry-leading levels in terms of precision, durability and stability.

Выбар матэрыялу

Ball and raceway materials: Common materials include high carbon chromium bearing steel, stainless steel and ceramics. High carbon chromium bearing steel has high strength and wear resistance, stainless steel is suitable for corrosive environments, and ceramics have the advantages of lightweight and high temperature stability.

Матэрыял клеткі: You can choose metal cages (such as brass or steel) or polymer cages (such as nylon or POM), and different materials are suitable for different working environments and load conditions.

Індывідуальныя памеры

Inner diameter and outer diameter: According to the specific application requirements, the inner diameter and outer diameter of the bearing can be customized to ensure that the bearing can perfectly fit the installation position.

Thickness and height: The thickness and height of the bearing can also be customized according to the application requirements to ensure that the space and load requirements are met.

Ацэнка дакладнасці

Different applications have different accuracy requirements for bearings. The accuracy grades of bearings are usually divided into P0 (ordinary grade), P6 (precision grade), P5 (high precision grade), etc. High-precision bearings can provide more stable and precise operation.


The load capacity of the bearing can be customized according to the specific application environment and load requirements. The contact angle, ball size and number of the bearing can be adjusted to meet different axial load requirements.


Pre-lubricated bearings: Add appropriate grease inside the bearing to ensure that the bearing has good lubrication performance in the initial stage.

Automatic lubrication device: Bearings with automatic lubrication devices can be selected to continuously lubricate during operation and reduce maintenance frequency.

Спосаб герметызацыі

Open bearing: no sealing device, suitable for environments without pollutants or dust.

Sealed bearing: with a sealing cover, it can prevent dust and pollutants from entering the bearing, suitable for environments with pollution or requiring high cleanliness.

Апрацоўка паверхняў

Corrosion-resistant treatment: such as zinc plating or nickel plating, which can improve the corrosion resistance of the bearing and is suitable for humid or corrosive environments.

Surface hardening treatment: such as carbonitriding treatment, which can improve the hardness and wear resistance of the bearing surface and extend the service life.

Special application customization

High temperature bearing: bearings used in high temperature environments can use high temperature resistant materials and lubricants, suitable for high temperature equipment or industrial furnaces.

Low temperature bearing: bearings used in extremely low temperature environments require the use of special materials and lubricants, suitable for low temperature storage or Arctic environments.