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Groot grootte flens kogellagers

Groot grootte Flens kogellagers have a lip extension on the outer ring. This flange can facilitate mounting and positioning in a housing. Large Size Flanged Ball Bearings are available shielded. The metric flanged ball bearing series can bear heavy radial loads and moderate thrust loads in both directions. These Large Size Flanged Ball Bearings can be inserted into a hole matching the OD of the bearing. The flange limits Large Size Flanged Ball Bearings from sliding through the hole by bottoming out against the flat surface. The following large sealed flanged ball bearing catalogue provides complete bearing data, including the large flanged ball bearing size chart, price inquiry as well as CAD drawings for free download.


Ontwerpkenmerke of Groot grootte flens kogellagers 


Tipes: Radiaal

Although flanged on one side, these Large Size Flanged Ball Bearings are still radial deep groove ball bearings and they can carry the major radial loads.


Materiaal: Chroomstaal, vlekvrye staal, keramiekbaster

Chrome steel is the most common material for Large Size Flanged Ball Bearings because it has characteristics of high load capacity and low noise. When there is a need for rust prevention, 440c stainless steel material is usually used.

Sulke soort vlekvrye staal materiaal kan beide hoë las en hoë spoed dra. Verder het dit die funksie van roesvoorkoming. Vir hoër spoedvereistes word silikonnitried-keramiekballetjies gebruik om die plek van tradisionele staalballe te neem.


Presisie: ABEC-1 tot ABEC-9

Factors to be considered when choosing an ABEC grade include radial and axial runout requirements, bore and OD fits, and the audible noise level. AUB Bearing offer these types of grades which show the available selection of bore and OD size tolerances, and the radial runout limits for each. ABEC of Grades 3 is the first choice for routine applications. Typically, race finish and race geometry are superior in ABEC 5 and higher. These grades are generally recommended for precision assemblies where low noise, minimal runout, and long life are important considerations for Large Size Flanged Ball Bearings.


Grootte: Bore Dia 10mm – 50 XNUMX mm

Bore dias of Large Size Flanged Ball Bearings range from 10mm to 50 mm. They are 10mm flange bearing series, 30mm flange ball bearing series, 40mm flange ball bearing series as well as 12mm, 15mm, 17mm, 20mm, 25mm, 35mm, 40mm, 45mm, 50mm, etc.


Seël tipe: oop, verseël (rubber seëls), afgeskerm (metaal skilde)

Most of our chrome steel miniature Large Size Flanged Ball Bearings can be supplied open or with metal shields. Large Size Flanged Ball Bearings with the larger sizes may be available with rubber or Teflon contact seals or low friction non-contact rubber seals.


Konstruksie: Geflens

Large Size Flanged Ball Bearings have a solid steel flange on the outer ring. This allows the Large Size Flanged Ball Bearings to be more easily located in a housing. The flange can also help to prevent axial movement of the ball bearing in the event of a thrust load on the bearing.


Hokke: Kroon, Lint, Klinknael

Kroon tipe hokke: Die vlekvrye staal geperste hok is binnering gelei. Dit toon uitstekende werkverrigting in lae wringkrag, lae spoed toepassings.

Linttipe hokke: Bestaan ​​uit twee bypassende staalperse, die dekkant en die vingerkant. Gewoonlik gelei deur die rollende elemente en ontwerp om wrywingwringkrag te verminder.

'n Eenstuk-kroonhok is meer algemeen vir die kleinste en die dunste laers as gevolg van ruimtebeperkings. Groter groottes het 'n twee stuk lint hok.


Smering: Fabrieksmeer uit 'n voorraad van etlike honderde smeermiddels.

Open Large Size Flanged Ball Bearings are supplied with a light oil lubrication. Shielded or sealed Large Size Flanged Ball Bearings are usually supplied with grease lubrication but shielded Large Size Flanged Ball Bearings can be offered with instrument oil for low speed, low friction applications. Thanks to our in-house relubrication facility, these Large Size Flanged Ball Bearings can be offered with customer specified oils, greases or dry lubricants.


Geraas: Prestasietoetsing vir geraas- en wrywing-wringkragspesifikasies beskikbaar.

The standard instrument used for the noise testing of Large Size Flanged Ball Bearings is the Anderon Meter (sometimes called Anderometer) made by Sugawara Laboratories. This measures noise with an accelerometer contacting the outer races of the Large Size Flanged Ball Bearings while the inner race of the Large Size Flanged Ball Bearings is rotated at 1800 RPM.



Normal chrome steel Large Size Flanged Ball Bearings can be used at constant temperatures of 120°C or intermittent temperatures of up to 150°C. Above these temperatures, the load capacity of the chrome steel will be reduced. By means of special heat treatment processes and the addition of high temperature grease, we can also customize Large Size Flanged Ball Bearings for high temperature resistance.


Interne klaring

Internal clearance is the play between outer ring, inner ring and rolling element. Generally, the amount of up and down movement of the outer ring with respect to the fixed inner ring is called the radial internal clearance and its right and left movement the axial internal clearance. The internal clearance of Large Size Flanged Ball Bearings in operation is an important factor that has a significant influence on other factors such as noise, vibration, heat and fatigue life.